Dan and Helen Harrison

“When my Year 10 son expressed a strong desire to swim and study in the US college system we did some exploratory work. We soon discovered it was not a straightforward process and we would need help! We contacted American Athletic Scholarships and after a friendly telephone conversation arranged to meet Noel for an information session.

As a family we found this session with Noel to be relaxed, informative and professsional. Noel shared both the personal experience of his daughter going through the system and that of athletes he had helped through the process. He outlined the challenges ahead of navigating the system and of finding the right fit of college to the Athlete, including getting the attention of coaches! At the end of the session my son was keener than ever to achieve his goal of swimming in the NCAA.

The follow up assessment session was thorough and professional giving an in-depth presentation on the student-athlete system and application process, including suggested target times to achieve for each level of college competition. Noel also covered the minimum academic requirements including the importance of matching the right VCE subjects to GPA score and SAT test. The assessment is a critical part of the process by the end of which we had a much clearer understanding of the process and importantly the tools required to help us, as a family, make an informed decision on our son's future”