American Athletics Scholarships

Experts in helping you achieve your dream of securing a US college sports scholarship

Offering professional guidance and an “every step of the way” approach in all aspects of the scholarship process providing ongoing support through a seamless and timely delivery of all tasks and requirements. 

Amercian Athletic Scholarships (AAS)  has placed students in US universities from around the world securing millions of dollars in academic and athletic scholarships across a number of sports.   AAS placement rate is excellent having secured financial aid for each and every one of their clients 


"A Day in the Life" Video

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Parent Testimonial

"Our son is now at a Michigan University on a sports scholarship directly as a result of the knowledge, insight and skill of Noel Greeves and Nick Terzis, the two Directors of American Athletic Scholarships Pty Ltd. If it had just been up to us we would have been bogged down very early in the process, but by using this firm we were able to meet all the deadlines and fulfil all the requirements involved in the selection process. "