Bradley Moore

Bradley Moore


Limestone College
Graduated 2017
Major - Sports Management

Q & A – Bradley Moore
Limestone College
2013 – 2017

Q. What made you decide to compete and study at a US college?

A. “Just the thought of a new adventure in another country and being able to travel as well as compete and study at the same time made it an appealing option”

Q. How did you commence the process and how long did it take?

A. I first contacted AAS in August of 2012 and it was about 5 months until I chose a school. I then started college in August of 2013.

Q. How did it compare to competing in your sport in Australia?

A. “It was a lot different to competing in Australia. All of the training and competitions were very thoroughly thought out and planned accordingly. Competing in the USA allowed me to see a different side of swimming and made me focus on maintaining a balance between sport and academics”

Q. What qualities do you feel a student athlete needs to possess to be successful at a US university?

A. “Qualities needed to be a student athlete are time management, perseverance, hard work, determination and commitment”

Q. How did you balance your athletic and academic interests during your scholarship?

A. “Through a very thought out schedule and forcing myself to focus on maintaining that schedule was what helped me balance sport and academics”

Q. What are the key challenges you encountered during your scholarship?

A. “Challenges I encountered were: being on my own in another country, doing tasks myself and not improving in my sport”

Q.  What were some of your most memorable moments during your experience?

A. “Winning national medals in the 500 and 1650 freestyle in my freshman year”

Q. Would you recommend other students consider a US scholarship experience?

A. “I would recommend it. It is an experience that not many people get to experience and you get the chance to make life long friends from around the world and invaluable connections”

Q. How did you benefit from studying and competing in the US college system?

A. “It helped me with a lot of key skills I will need for my professional life”