Andy McColl

Andy McColl


Delta State University, Mississippi
Graduated 2011
Major - Sports Science

“Noel assisted my son Andy and myself in an US scholarship application in 2011-2012 in the sport of swimming.

Noel has extensive experience in the area. His daughter has gone through the process so he has unique insights into the practicalities of not only receiving a scholarship but getting a teen over to the US and happily set up.

Noel is an excellent communicator and explains the complex process in the first interview and explains the reality of it being unsuccessful. He gives a realistic assessment of chances so that money is not wasted on subsequent steps. The process in a bureaucratic nightmare right down to the visa process weeks before leaving for the US and would be nie on impossible to navigate without help.

Noel is friendly and not pushy but follows up on the jobs that needed to be done with gentle encouragement and keeps to the time table necessary for the lengthy process. At times this process can seem too hard but with Noels assistance the targets can be achieved.

Noel not only assisted with paperwork but liaised with the school; interacted with the NCAA (a fairly recalcitrant organisation) provided advice and a tutor for the SAT exams and coached Andy in interview skills with the coach.

What has impressed me is that his concern over Andy did not stop once the scholarship was awarded. He phoned many times to make sure everything was going well including visa issues and even down to US mobile phone services and the linen that will be needed for the special long athletes beds.

I can highly recommend Noel he showed genuine concern for the wellbeing of the student, he is an excellent communicator and certainly has excellent skills in manipulating the fickle US collegiate system”

Doug McColl