Adele Schultz

Adele Schultz


Eastern Michigan University
Graduated 2016
Major - Sports Management

Q & A – Adele Schultz
Eastern Michigan University
2012 – 2016

Q. What made you decide to compete and study at a US college?

A. “I wanted to have the opportunity to travel, study and swim; going to college in the US allowed me to do all three!”

Q. How did you commence the process and how long did it take?

A, “We got in contact with AAS through their website; the next day Noel called us; the overall process took about 12-months”

Q. How did it compare to competing in your sport in Australia?

A. “In the US it is more team based and not so individually-focused”

Q. What qualities do you feel a student athlete needs to possess to be successful at a US university?

A. “I think you need to be pretty strong, mentally. It can be hard sometimes, and you need to be able to work your way through it on your own”

Q. How did you balance your athletic and academic interests during your scholarship?

A. “I focused more on academics, as this was my priority. I think it is about figuring out what you want out of athletics and academics and just going from there”

Q. What are the key challenges you encountered during your scholarship?

A. “I ended up finding that I wanted to do other things, and so this made things tricky. Culturally, there is a difference that you have to adapt to as well. I loved my time in the US and wouldn’t change a thing”

Q.  What were some of your most memorable moments during your experience?

A. “Travelling; you are able to travel to so many other places on breaks. I also met some life-long friends all around the world”

Q. Would you recommend other students consider a US scholarship experience?

A. “YES! I loved my overall experience. I think I would just make sure that you’re prepared for a four-year stint. And that you go over with an open mind”

Q. How did you benefit from studying and competing in the US college system?

A. “I gained such a worldly view; in which I would not have learned otherwise. You really learn to appreciate the little things”