Lai Ho

I would like to thank Nick for everything he did for my daughter, guiding her on her journey to study in the US as a student-athlete.

Navigating the American college sports system is not for the faint-hearted. Right from the start, Nick was there constantly, giving advice and was there every step of the way. He is accessible and communicative, even though he is located on the opposite side of the country to us. He is in constant contact, closely monitoring my daughter’s application process even when he is out of the country on business.

Nick’s knowledge and experience helped make this long and very complicated process very smooth and easy. In addition, Nick is meticulous and on top of that, is organised with reminders and deadlines for paperwork and updates, furthermore, he had no hesitation with taking the time to explain how the whole process worked in terms of the NCAA and recruiting. In terms of understanding and working through the complicated NCAA system, Nick has them all under his belt.